Professional Service

Business development and UAS operations start-up consultancy

For small, medium, large companies and governmental bodies looking to have a meaningful role in the UAS market. Unautics is able to set up a UAS operation, integrate new UAS types into your fleet or develop new aspects of your UAS operations. 

We have set up and obtained approval for numerous types of UAS operations and will assist you, setting up your operation, obtain the necessary approvals, train your staff and set up the organization so when you receive the approval from the authorities your UAS operation can get off to a flying start.

Safety Management System (SMS) and risk assessment

Modelled after ICAO and EASA Safety Management Systems, Unautics is able to support you in setting up, using and expanding your safety program. Based on the hazards that are relevant to your operation, we will develop a hazard list, evaluate the associated risks and identify risk reduction measures to make your operation safer. We will write your Safety Management Manual. We will train your safety personnel to proactively monitor and detect any new hazards that pose potential risks for your operation.

A safety Management System is a regulatory requirement for any UAS operator and is proportional to the size and complexity of its UAS operation.

Unautics provides development, training, sustained support and, if required, full management of your Safety Management System fully covering EASA regulatory requirements.

As a Safety Industry saying goes, “Safety is more than regulatory compliance alone”, therefore Unautics can provide industry, ICAO, EASA and FAA best practices and standards to your Safety Management System and provide and manage industry leading Safety Management Systems for your UAS operation.

Compliance monitoring

Compliance monitoring is an important part of a UAS management system. The implementation and use of a compliance monitoring system ensures continuous monitoring and compliance with all relevant requirements, including those of the SMS. 

Unautics helps clients navigate the often complex European and State regulations to ensure their UAS programs meet or exceed mandated standards for safe and regulatory compliant operations of UAS on an ongoing basis.

Operations Manual development

Modelled after ICAO and EASA standards and best practices, Unautics develops the by regulation required Safety management- and Operations Manuals and associated training for your organization in full compliance with the EASA and National requirements.

Focusing on the higher risk ‘SPECIFIC CATEGORY’ including LUC (Light UAS operator Certificate) and future ‘CERTIFIED CATEGORY’ Unautics is able to customize Operations Manuals and Safety Management Manuals that suit your organization.

Standard operating procedures (SOP’s)

Standard Operating Procedures describe in detail how a specific operation or maneuver is performed. There are specific elements that need to be addressed when setting up a new type of operation. For example, an aerial work operation typically consists of the following elements: Preflight planning / Briefing / preflight UAS / flight procedures / post-flight procedures

Before you are able to start a specialized operation, you need to conduct a risk assessment, assess the complexity of the activity to determine the hazards and associated risks inherent in the operation and establish mitigating measures. Based on the risk assessment, standard operating procedures (SOP) appropriate to the specialized activity and UAS used are developed.

We currently have completed solutions for UAS aerial work operations. The developed SOPs included more than eight different types of missions including UAS test missions, demonstration flights and scenario training for public safety and emergency organizations. Based on our experience developing these SOPs we are able to provide you with the required documents to add new and innovative missions to your operation. We will perform the risk analysis and develop the SOPs including training, so you are able to start the operation as soon as possible.

Airspace management

Unautics consultants have extensive experience in Airspace design and Management. Future airspace solutions for UAS operations are a high priority for the industry, due to not only security and environmental aspects, but also due to the sheer lack of available volume of airspace in densely populated parts of the world. These constrains subsequently pose challenges of segregating and, at a later stage, integrating manned and Unmanned Aircraft Systems into that small volume of airspace.

Unautics can provide consultancy to operators and governmental bodies for local and large-scale airspace projects to ensure the optimum outcome for all operators wanting to operate within that volume of airspace.