About Unautics

Industry leading UAS operation and safety consultancy

Unautics aims to provide its customers with support during the startup phase of their UAS operation and during the sustained operations phase.

Unautics provides services in startup research, regulatory support, permissions, safety management, manual production, compliance monitoring, procedure development and airspace management. Furthermore, Unautics is your key partner in connecting you with experts in its network concerning IT support, sensor selection and development, UAS selection, UAS training and other expert technical aspects of UAS operation.

Unautics believes that the UAS industry will have a significant impact on many aspects of daily life. From the way people travel, to cargo transport (long haul and last mile deliveries), agriculture, policing, mapping, maintenance inspections, asset management and construction. With this new technology it is crucial that the UAS industry is able to develop safely, securely and sustainably alongside manned aviation and maintain or improve today’s high level of safety in the aviation industry.

Unautics is therefore supporting organizations in safe, secure and sustainable integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into their business model, other airspace users and society.

Our team

Our team of consultants are veterans of the aviation and naval industry. From hundreds of meters below to kilometres above sea level, in submarines, commercial aircraft and fighter jets and from operator roles to management positions. These dynamic environments, with strongly regulated operations and safety management systems, provides Unautics’ clients with the sustainable expertise and the insight needed in the rapidly developing world of UAS.

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